Issue 2019, 3: Globalization and Gender Implications


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This special issue aims to highlight the logical connection between social process (as present currently in globalization) and gender: one of many identifying factors. Even if this connection has been of the foci of gender studies leading up to its first theories, it has been explored only so far as its clear and obvious consequences. In reality, they do not precisely outline how and why these implications might be particularly interesting for the interpretation of globalization, up to the point of supposing that the transformation of gender factor might be considered a cause, and not only an effect, of globalization.

All the contributions to this special issue draw a double parallel link between globalization and gender that is characterized by positive and negative aspects associated with the consequences of globalization from a gender point of view. But if we consider globalization as “a multi-dimensional process, a system of growing interdependencies between economics as well as society and culture which has produced multiple effects on both the macro level (more commercial flows, more mobility, more communication, more innovation), and the micro level, redrawing the confines between time and space (Giddens 1990), local and global and, thus all forms of collective life, social relations and the life conditions of men and women”, as Ruspini states in her contribution, we must assume a more correct methodological position and ask ourselves: did gender promote – with all the other causes – a multi-dimensional transformation thanks to a new social political, economic, cultural identity as an unexpected agency? Could the macro and micro levels of social change have also been developed by changing social actors that cannot only be the passive outcomes of what happens around them?

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