Issue 2021, 2: The Glocal World of Historical Archives


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In 2021, we commemorate 500 years since the fall of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan and the subsequent foundation of Mexico City by the Spanish. That event had a huge impact on world history, not only in terms of redefining Atlantic connections but also by setting in motion a complex series of glocalization processes. In this editorial that introduces a monographic issue on the “glocal world of historical archives”, we take a cue from that event in our effort to analyze the underground networks and the sometimes-mysterious intertwining that connect apparently distant documentary sources. We propose that the historical experience and the practical use of archives are not minor problems in a glocal approach: thinking about the glocal (and changing) complexity of archives as the core theme of historical research. This concerns all hermeneutic and holistic views of social investigation that must discuss the configuration of archives as another crucial element of the contemporary age, in search of the secret connections between past, present, and future.

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Glocalism” is a peer-reviewed, open access and cross-disciplinary journal that aims at stimulating increasing awareness and knowledge around the new dynamics that characterise the glocal reality.

A journal on glocalism that corresponds with the very concept of being glocal and wants to be recognised in a cultural-academic context can only be available on-line.

So as to elicit as much on-line discussion as possible among academics, each edition of the journal will:
a) deal with a main subject and
b) be characterised by research essays (received after the call for papers and subjected to double-blind peer-review).

As “Glocalism” is a four-monthly journal, three issues will be published annually: at end-March, end-July, end-November. The publication of each issue is preceded by the publication of the Call for papers for the following monographic issue.

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